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Piano Moving Company In Cincinnati


Call Today! (513) 522-4818

Piano movers in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Piano Moving In Cincinnati Since 1987

Piano Movers

Piano Geeks From Way Back

Hey guys and gals, when it comes time to moving your piano or organ, do me a solid and don't reach for the keys to your truck, instead reach for the phone! And call me or Joe here at Smooth Moves Piano Moving. Your back will love you for it!

Yeah, Joe and I have been at this for awhile, it's not our first rodeo as they say. And if you're worried about how well we will handle your baby (or baby grand, see what I did there?), RELAX! We love everything piano. Pianos are our life! We play'em, tune'em and sell'em also.

Cost Of Piano Moving- 3 easy steps

Here is an easy process to analyze your cost for moving your piano or organ.

Step One is to Call our office today for a free quote. Write down your free quote from Smooth Moves Piano Moving.

Step Two- Call your chiropractor and ask him the total financial investment for repairing your back if you decide to move your piano yourself.

Step Three- Compare the total from Step One (above) with Step Two. Call Smooth Moves Piano moving back and tell Joe or Pat to get moving!

What Types Of Grand Pianos Do You Move?

The only types of grand pianos we move are grand pianos, baby grands and concert grands. Unless you have another type of grand, Joe said we'll probably move that also. And don't forget about upright pianos, we safely move those as well.

Hey Do You Move Organs?

In today's political climate- we would be foolish to discriminate. We are not piano-phobes. We welcome all types of organ moving.

The Bottom Line

If you need a piano or organ moved then you do not need to injure yourself. And you REALLY don't want to call "one truck chuck" to move it for you. Moving is stressful enough! Add to that, the fact you now have to move your Grand piano and anybody would have anxiety. Let us ease your mind.

Since 1987 my brother Joe and I have built a great business getting pianos and their owners moved safely.

You have my personal guarantee... Pat Cremeans.




Incredible Job Moving our piano! Highly recommend Joe and his crew at Smooth Moves!


I love these guys!!!



I really don't know how you did it! But great job!

MIRANDA HUDSON Graphic Artist Freelancer
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